Unmatched Expertise in Treating Growing Smiles

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Pediatric dentists are uniquely qualified to treat and maintain the health of developing smiles, which means those of infants, toddlers, children, and teens. As a mother and specially trained pediatric dentist, Dr. Meghan Thorburn has a lot to offer families and children in Fort Worth, from her 11 years of experience and training to her implementation of the latest technology and techniques. Your little one deserves nothing but the best, which is why we welcome you to read more about what qualifies us at Trinity Pediatric Dentistry to take care of your favorite smile in the world.

How Is a Pediatric Dentist Different from a General Dentist?

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Certain titles, like “family dentist” or “general dentist” aren’t actually dental specialties. However, using the title “pediatric dentist” means a lot! Dr. Thorburn is a pediatric dentist, meaning that after achieving her dental degree at the University of Texas Health Science Center Houston, she completed an extensive pediatric residency.

During this additional two-year postgraduate program, she was immersed in clinical and academic education that revolved around treating developing smiles. With two added years of focused studies, she can offer kid-specific dental treatments and has a wider breadth of knowledge when it comes to treating children, like which common oral developmental issues to keep an eye out for.

What Are the Benefits of Taking My Child to a Pediatric Dentist?

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As a parent, you’ll be able to benefit immensely from taking your child to visit a pediatric dentist. One of the biggest advantages is peace of mind. Dr. Thorburn is always speaking from a place of knowledge and great understanding, as she has dedicated her life studies to taking care of kids’ smiles. This can allow you to take in any tips, tricks, diagnoses, and answers she provides you with great confidence. Additionally, because you’ll be visiting a dental office created with kids in mind, you can trust that our team will take amazing care of your little one, allowing them to enjoy positive, early dental experiences.

What Ages Do Pediatric Dentists Treat?

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Pediatric dentists can treat a wide range of ages, from infancy to 18 years old. Our office has a comprehensive menu of dental services that meet your little one’s needs at every stage of childhood, allowing you to rely on us completely.

Dentistry for Infants

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The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, as well as our team at Trinity Pediatric Dentistry, recommend bringing your baby in for their first dental appointment by the time they turn one, or whenever their first tooth erupts. These early visits will allow us to make sure their smile is growing as it should be, as well as get them acquainted with our team and office!

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Dentistry for Toddlers

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Toddlerhood is an important oral developmental time in your little one’s life. All of their baby teeth will erupt, leading them to teethe and form other habits that can be difficult to navigate as a parent. Our team can be right by your side, helping guide you along every step of the way! 

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Dentistry for Children

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Between the ages of six and nine years old, your child will begin losing their baby teeth, allowing their permanent ones to grow in and take their place. During this time, establishing a good dental hygiene routine at home and breaking non-nutritive habits like thumb and pacifier-sucking is important to their smile’s development.

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Dentistry for Teens

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Your child’s facial, dental, and oral structures won’t stop developing until around 18, once their wisdom teeth have grown in and they’ve gotten any necessary orthodontic treatment. Our team can help screen your teen for these concerns as well as provide them with routine dental checkups and teeth cleanings to keep their smile healthy and happy.

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Special Needs Children's Dentistry

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If your child has a physical or developmental disability, know that they’ll be safe and comfortable in our care. Dr. Thorburn has advanced training in providing high-quality and accessible dental care for children with special needs. Just give us a call if you have any questions or concerns before their first dental visit and we’ll be sure to answer them!

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