High-Quality Dentistry That Helps Teens Transition into Healthy Adulthood

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While your teen may feel too old to come to a pediatric dental office, their smile is still developing, making Dr. Thorburn the perfect person for them to continue seeing! We value building lifelong relationships with our patients, and as exciting and rewarding as it is to see your teen’s journey into adulthood, we’re always sad to see them leave the coop! However, until they turn 18, our Trinity Pediatric Dentistry team is the best qualified to take care of their smile. Call us today to schedule their next appointment, as we offer a wide range of teen-friendly dental services in Fort Worth, spanning from orthodontic referrals to thorough preventive care.

Why Choose Trinity Pediatric Dentistry for Teen Dental Care?

  • Same-Day Emergency Dental Appointments
  • Customized Athletic Mouthguards
  • Pediatric Dentist with 10+ Years of Training & Experience

Should My Teenager Still See a Pediatric Dentist?

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The pediatric dentist is still the best person for your teen to see for their preventive and problem-based dental visits. The face, jawbone, and even dental structures don’t stop developing until well into adulthood, with wisdom teeth popping up between 16 and 20 years old, and orthodontic issues arising as early as 12 years old. Dr. Thorburn has special training in spotting these issues as soon as possible, before they lead to any larger problems, helping your teen keep their grin functional, straightened, and healthy until they graduate high school!

Dental Services for Teens

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Our office offers a wide range of dental services that teens can benefit from, and their routine checkups will allow Dr. Thorburn to make appropriate referrals to specialists, like if they require orthodontic treatment. Some of the services that your teen may benefit from include:

  • Customized athletic mouthguards
  • Orthodontic referrals
  • Referrals for wisdom tooth extractions
  • Tooth extractions
  • Emergency dentistry
  • Direct bonding
  • Tooth-colored dental crowns
  • Tooth-colored dental fillings
  • Dental sealants
  • Root canals
  • Fluoride treatment